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Banana Oreo

Smooth & Sweet

Flavors of banana combined with oreos for a nice chocolate finish.

Zucchini Chips

Fresh & tangy

Mouth melting fresh zucchini combined with chocolate for a nice cake like masterpiece.


Peach Pecan

thick & Hearty

Fresh peaches combined with crunchy pecans for a pleasant soft yet bold flavor.

Essence of Manna

We only serve the best. We are the best bread baker in town

The creation of our name and how it all started: In 2016, when Danuelle and her 2 children relocated to Texas, her late best friend, Yolanda, came to visit. Her visiting appeared to just be a girl’s weekend but in actuality it was the beginning of something much, much more. Among all of the conversations the two shared, one was Yolanda encouraging Danuelle to become an entrepreneur. Besides accounting, the only other thing Danuelle felt competent in was baking bread. Before Yolanda departed, not only did Danuelle make her first vegan loaf of bread, but she also sent Yolanda home with several of those vegan loaves. Days later Yolanda called Danuelle and said “Essence of Manna. That’s the name of your business” Danuelle listened with the biggest smile, Yolanda continued, “the first bite makes you smile and the captivating flavor creates this essence, and manna means bread from above.”
At Essence of Manna, we believe in taking broken pieces to form a masterpiece. Our owner Danuelle, has been baking bread since 2012, and although she enjoys it with a passion, she didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a bread artist (in fact she didn’t believe she could take care of her and her two children by baking bread). Instead, Danuelle’s vision of baking bread stems from the different experiences she continues to overcome. At Essence of Manna, every ingredient has meaning and what seems to be broken can be transitioned into a masterpiece. Danuelle applies her life experiences as a parallel with baking bread. Her life experiences, the different ingredient that makes each perfect loaf: (substance abuse childhood, surviving domestic abuse in an 11 year marriage, losing Yolanda after 18 years of impeccable friendship, single parenting). Essence is passionate about taking broken ingredients and transforming them into a masterpiece hence each brick of delicious bread.
When you taste our bread, not only are you tasting incredible wholesome dense, plant based fresh milled spelt bread, you are also tasting years of resilience and determination. The concept of knowing that despite life’s challenges, when you follow your heart and are open to whatever the universe has in store for you, masterpieces are created!
May you continue to Rest in Love, my beautiful friend Yolanda.

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